We are showing you diversity of landscape,wildlife and natural beauties of our Mongolia tour

Khuvsgul tour

Day 1.Ugii Lake

Day 2.Rashaant Village, Transit arrow

Day 3,4,5. Khuvsgul Lake

Day 6.Urantogoo volcanic crater

Day 7.Amarbayasgalant monastery

Day 8. Back to UB city

Gobi tour

Day 1.Bagagazriin chuluu

Day 2.White stupa– Tsagaan suwraga (White cliff)

Day 3.Yol valley – Yoliin am (Great canyon)

Day 4.Khongor sand dune (camel riding an hour and climbing to the sand dune)

Day 5.Bayan Zag (Dinosour fossils)

Day 6.Back to UB

Khuvsgul tour

Day 1.Urantogoo volcanic crater

Day 2,3,4. Khuvsgul Lake>

Day 5.Amarbayasgalant monastery

Day 6.Back to UB city

Terelj National Park

We will book all kinds of tours all around Mongolia in order to make your holiday wonderful and hundred percent relaxing and to feel real habits of Mongolian nomadic family. We always try to serve all of our bests and travelling staff to serve for our customers. This is the reason why that we become one of the luxury tour company in Ulaanbaatar. We suggest to our guests the best service at the cheapest price and safety tours. Our tours can be more short and more longer which is written down. Our tour itinerary will be so flexible for everyone who interest the tour. All at a very reasonable cost. Special discount for groups are available. Scheduled tour prices are based on minimum 1 person, maximum 6 person. The hostels and hotel costs will not be included the tour price. All extra charges and optional activities not mentioned in the tour itinerary must be paid by you.

City tour 1 day

After breakfast we will start drive to Gandan Monastery spend around an hour here and keep driving to the main square of Sukhbaatar and Chinggis Monument – Have lunch – keep driving to Bogd King Winter Palace; explore about Bogd King and then keep driving to Zaisan Memorial Hill to see whole Ulaanbaatar city from the top of the hill then drive back to the Hostel where you gonna stay.

Most visited


Govi Desert, Mongolia

A friendly and dedicated tour guide will accompany you during your stay in Mongolia the whole time, from your time of arrival until the time the tour ends. We do our best by providing the most experienced tour guide that will meet your needs. We can accommodate your language preferences (English or Korean) for the tour guide. The assigned tour guide will follow your confirmed schedule and routes, manage excursions and provide you general and onsite information during the tour.

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