Nomin Nomadic travel

The Nomin nomadic travel is family owned and operated business
Nomin serves as the general director of Nomin nomadic travel.She was born Ulanbator city.

Nomin has been graduated in Mongolian National Univercity in Central asian researcher. She can speak Korean and english very fluent.She has been in stay in Korea 9 years and she knows all Koreans style, custum ,culture and food. Thank you for visiting Nomin nomadic travel Mongolia tours and for your support of responsible budget and wonderful travel

She started gaining her experience in the sector when she worked as a guide.Our Nomin nomadic travel have very good skilled drivers and good experienced korean english lunguages guides.

Our tour packages included

1. Ger camp and Ger guesthouse’s fee

2. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

3. Horse riding

4. Camel riding

5. All entrance fee

6. One bottle of water per day

7. Guide and Drivers salary fee

8. Car petrol fee

8. 2-3 time shower fee

8. Free pick up service from airport

When you come to UB city guesthouse or
hotel fee 10-15$

Airport sending fee 10$ per person Please choice our “Nomin Nomadic Travel”. We will make you enjoyable and fantastic tour Thank you!


Our guides

A friendly and dedicated tour guide will accompany you during your stay in Mongolia the whole time, from your time of arrival until the time the tour ends. We do our best by providing the most experienced tour guide that will meet your needs. We can accommodate your language preferences (English or Korean) for the tour guide. The assigned tour guide will follow your confirmed schedule and routes, manage excursions and provide you general and onsite information during the tour. Our guide will be your buddy and companion during the tour who will be ready to help and assist you in any need. Our guides are guaranteed to have a very good personality, an extensive tour experience and more than adequate client servicing skills.

Our drivers

A skilled driver with more than ten years of driving experience will be of service to you during your tour. As Mongolia’s country roads are partially difficult to identify, our drivers are equipped to navigate and manage these country roads easily. The assigned driver will guarantee to deliver you at the destination safe and on time. Furthermore, he will be very easy and fun to be with as he shares interesting stories and jokes during the whole tour. This whole experience with the team of the assigned driver and tour guide together makes the tour with us enjoyable and memorable – our clients have been overwhelmingly satisfied with the painstaking efforts of the team and are generous with their praises to them.

Our tours

Travel preparetions

Passport, sleeping bag, towels, sport kets, swimming clothes, umberrella, face mask, sunglasses, sun cream, hats, any medicine, shower products etc.


Years of experience