DAY 1 Urantogoo volcanic crater

Located about 60 km west of Bulgan City, there is TogooUul Mt. Mountain near UranUul, now part of the 1,600 hectare UranTogoo-TulgaUul Nature Reserve in the village of Khutag-Ondor, leading to a relatively unimpressive volcanic summit. There is a camping site. UranTogoo-TulgaUul National Monument is a national protected area in the Bulgan Province, the fourth highest mountain, protected in 1965. It was designated as a monument of 5800 hectares by the Parliament Resolution in 1995.

DAY 2,3,4 Khuvsgul Lake

One of the top tourist attractions in northern Mongolia is Lake Gwak Vugu Lake is located in Khuvsgul National Park, 2760ms high above sea level, 136 km long and 36.5 km wide. The effluent flows to the Eg River and the Selenge River, and finally to Baikal Lake in Siberia, which honors all Mongols and is known as the "Mother Sea." Many Mongols proudly call this lake "the blue pearl of Asia" I think.

DAY 5 Amarbayasgalant monastery

In 1776, the Emperor of Manchuria was established, and the remains of Jana Bazar were moved here in 1779. It was originally composed of more than 40 temples and was partly destroyed during the Stalinist purification process. As of 1937, only 28 temples The UNESCO-funded project started the restoration work in 1988.